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Want Top Dollar on your Home Sale? Check out these Tips

by Danny Knight

Images via pexels

In order to get your house to sell quickly you’ll probably need home improvements, and that brings up several questions. What will make the most impact? What’s DIY-friendly? What should you leave to a pro? And one very common conundrum: What if you’re buying and selling simultaneously? Here are some tips from SKOY cleaning products to realize your objectives, deliver some great updates, and most likely boost your home’s value.

Pre-Sale Decisions

Buying a house while selling your home at the same time can be tricky, and you might feel especially pressured to wrap up projects quickly. In a hot market, sellers may be less inclined to wait for your house to sell before finalizing their own sale. And if you’re pressured to sell quickly, you may be more inclined to rush your project so you can get your home listed.

It’s important to not go into this process alone. A real estate agent will help you prepare for key aspects of both buying and selling. Contact lenders early to see what kind of mortgage you’ll qualify for, which helps your agent narrow your house hunting search. Your agent can also help you determine what updates will be appropriate for your local market, so you can sell your home for the best possible price. This helps you know what home improvement projects make sense for your situation.

Projects with Impact

Refresh your walls. Painting is something any homeowner can do with a little effort. You can put a fresh coat on your front door. It’s an inexpensive way to breathe new life into a weary entrance and improve your home’s curb appeal. Another option is to experiment with wallpaper. With today’s peel-n-stick designs, you can easily try out different patterns and textures to find some you like.

New backsplash. Could your kitchen use a facelift? There are some simple backsplash ideas that pack a wallop, and you don’t need a lot of skill or training to pull them off. Some options include tin ceiling tiles, wallpaper, or chalkboard paint for a fresh and functional look.

Install paneling. Do you love the classic look of beadboard? Take it beyond the backsplash and install it under your island or in the eating area. Better Homes & Gardens notes you’ll need to cut holes for outlets and switches and will need a few more tools on hand, but it’s a project you might like to try if you really want to spread your wings.

Upgrade hardware. Another easy and inexpensive way to upgrade your kitchen is with new hardware on your cabinets. If you can turn a screwdriver, you can do this yourself! Opt for a style that will allow you to reuse the existing holes in your cabinets. You can remove a set to take with you while you’re shopping to ensure you have a match.

Install molding. Have you dreamed of adding some crown molding or a chair rail to protect the area where your kids are tearing up the kitchen walls? Putting molding in a room sounds intricate if you aren’t comfortable around saws. However, if you take good measurements—use a level and measure twice—you can ask your home improvement center to make the cuts for you. You’ll get a great bang for your buck with minimal effort!

Refresh a fixture. Are you tired of the same, dreary light fixture? Try making your own shade in a fabric that coordinates with your decor. Another thought is giving the fixture a new look with a coat of spray paint. Choose a color and finish that complements the room. You can even spray paint nearby hardware to match it.

Hands on or Hands off?

Safety first. Ready to jump into some DIYs? Per Construction Review Online, you should keep these tips in mind for handling power tools:

● Wear eye and ear protection.

● Inspect your tools.

● Never throw or toss a tool.

● Don’t alter your tools.

● Keep your workspace clean.

Don’t DIY. Some projects should always be handled by a pro, such as electrical and plumbing projects, pouring and laying concrete, asbestos removal, roof repairs, and fixing gas appliances.

If you’re leaving your comfort zone, seriously consider whether it’s worth your time, energy, and money. You could end up in over your head and will need to call in the professional to fix your mistakes. If a project definitely exceeds your skills and experience, it’s time to call in a professional.

Get your home ready for staging with a few fresh upgrades to your home. Choose projects that you can feel fabulous about but don’t exceed your ability, and call in a pro when you need to. And clean up all of your DIY messes with eco-friendly cleaning products from SKOY. Set an amazing tone for showing your home and increase not only the value of your home but the likelihood of selling quicker.

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