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Everyday cleaning made simple
...with the environment in mind.

Skoy Cloth

100% biodegradable


Skoy Scrub

Reusable and long lasting
Replaces scouring pads

Easy to clean

Skoy Towel

Super soft and absorbent

Non-streaking, great for polishing 

100% recycled polyester

Doesn’t stick to fingers like microfiber

Skoy Holder

Perfect for cloths, scrubs, sponges...

High quality - stainless steel

Attaches easily to all sinks
Removes and reattaches easily

Afternoon Light

What it is

About Us

Skoy is a woman owned business located in Encinitas, California. We started 10 years ago with a single product sold in local stores and have grown to a recognized brand with a product line sold in North America and growing globally. We are proud to offer products that are superior to existing ones in the market. We always have the environment and the community in mind. Our products are packaged in the USA by people with disabilities.

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If you want to sell Skoy products in your store contact our distributors or buy wholesale directly from us.


Skoy is perfect for school fundraising to raise both money and awareness for our environment.

Custom Print

We can also provide custom printed Skoy cloths for different events such as giveaways and city recycling campaigns

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