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September 11, 2018

A lovely little find.

Skoy Eco Cleaning Cloths are multi purpose absorbent cloths, perfect to clean all surfaces of your home. Designed to replace paper towels and sponges, they are durable and biodegradable. One Skoy cloth outlasts 15 rolls of paper towels! It easily lasts several months with regular use, and can also be used as a dish cloth.

This set of clothes come in assorted colors, so you can assign cloths to different tasks. Highly absorbent, they absorb up to 15 times their own weight. You can then wash in the machine and reuse. They are naturally antimicrobial and odor resistant.

June 25, 2018

Little Helpers in Life

As a mom, my boys is constantly making messes. I am constantly grabbing a rag, or a paper towel to clean up after them. I hate using paper towel, and I also hate when people use it for purposes that I don't see fit. I don't like paying for something that I know is just going to go into the trash after someone could just clean up a little bit of water, or what not. It drives me nuts! 

June 08, 2018

Everyday Cleaning Made Simple w/ Skoy Cloth!

There is a growing recognition of a need to cut down on the amount of trash we produce and chemicals we use. People are starting to work towards using more eco-friendly products. One of the rooms where the most waste is produced is the kitchen, and one of the most commonly used and wasted products is the paper towel. These rectangular pieces of paper are used for everything from wiping up spills to drying hands to cleaning the windows, then they are crumpled up and thrown away. Being a wife and mom is a 24/7 job, especially when it comes to cleaning. I go through paper towels like its candy, which creates unnecessary waste. But there is an alternative! An eco-friendly reusable cleaning cloth called the Skoy Cloth..

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