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Stock Skoy for sustainability and style without sacrificing performance. 

Skoy® Cloths, Towels and Scrubs are designed to outperform traditional and disposable cleaning products

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Savvy consumers are making the switch from paper towels, tired sponges and old scrubs to practical, reusable Skoy products – our colors and designs add a splash of style to any cleaning routine.

Eco-efficient and healthy.
Skoy products are made from sustainable, biodegradable and recycled fabrics and materials. These unique materials provide long-lasting, easy-to-clean, reusable performance – that’s both effective and eco-frie


A growing opportunity for sales.
Skoy products present a timely opportunity to meet a growing demand for sustainable choices. More than a one-off “green” option, Skoy Cloths, Towels and Scrubs are colorful and unique lifestyle choices – that also reduce waste and save money.


Stock Skoy.
Skoy is committed to collaborating and supporting our wholesale and retail partners with new and innovative products, inspired merchandising and creative marketing support – and we’re refreshing our brand to prove it. You’ll see more “good clean fun” as we roll-out. Join us. Make cleaning tasks more efficient and enjoyable. Stock Skoy.

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Market share for sustainable cleaning products is steadily increasing as consumer preference
shifts toward more environmentally friendly options.


Sales growth of natural vs. non-natural cleaning products in the United States.
(March 2020)



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