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How to keep your Zero Waste Kit out of the landfill. By Gina Lascink

Updated: May 22, 2019


Earth Junky produce bags: these can also be used for bulk bin foods like rice, pasta, cereal, etc. Machine wash when needed. Hang dry is recommended to extend life.

Skoy Cloths: these can replace paper towels and sponges. Follow directions on package. At end of life, these can go into a home compost system or buried in the ground. They will break down completely in 5 weeks.

Skoy Scrub: made from non-toxic materials and outlasts other scrubbers. Clean on top rack of dishwasher. If food particles are caught in scrub, rub the scrub against itself.

Cotton beeswax wraps: replace plastic wrap. Use these to cover bowls and wrap sandwiches or other foods. The warmth from your hands will make them nice and sticky. Not recommended for use with meats. To clean, gently rub under cold or room temp water and hang dry. At end of life, these can also go into a home compost system, textile recycling, or cut up and buried in the ground. These beautiful wraps are made by a small Oregon business!

Bamboo toothbrushes: when stored upright in a cup it will be able to completely dry between uses and outlast most plastic toothbrushes. At end of life, follow directions on the box: remove bristles and compost or bury bamboo handle.

Dental Lace: made of silk which is fully compostable. Glass container is refillable – contact me when you’re ready for more!

Shampoo Bar: completely waste free! Simply rub on head to work up a lather. Store on a shelf or soap dish that allows it to dry completely between uses. Outlasts most shampoo bottles. These lovely smelling shampoos are made by a small Oregon business!

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