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Skoy Shows Why Swedish Dishcloth Imposters Don't Stand A Chance

Let it be known that Skoy is here to stay, with the mentality that the real will outlast the fake.

Skoy is a women-owned business out of California that has a penchant for developing safe, sustainable, and stylish cleaning tools to upgrade your kitchen, breaking free from the old, outdated norms.

Skoy is interested in clearing the air on what makes up the original authentic Swedish dishcloth, and at the same time, telling you why anything else will do you and your home a disservice.

To truly enjoy the wonders of the Swedish dishcloth, one must understand why just one dishcloth could replace every paper towel, sponge, or wet dishrag a few times over.

The Swedish dishcloth is, quite literally, cut from a different cloth. While most dishrags consist of inorganic materials, the Skoy Cloth, their branded version of the Swedish dishcloth, is created from natural cotton and wood-based cellulose pulp so that, when properly disposed of, can completely break down in compost within five short weeks.

For those concerned about making sure their carbon footprint is as light as possible, Skoy is your lifelong friend that you could treat as such.

Like a good friend, Skoy looks out for your best interest by using their voice to warn you about the possibility of getting tricked by manufacturers who aren’t upholding the same level of integrity that a company like Skoy would maintain.

Have you ever had a sponge or cloth that ends up reeking over the next few days or weeks? This issue is a thing of the past with the Skoy Cloth because its general makeup prevents undesirable odors from lingering around. Due to its ingredients, the Skoy Cloth dries quickly and is washable, highly reducing any chance of unwanted scent offenders.

Replacing the waste caused by paper towels can seem like a daunting task until you realize that your friends at Skoy have already thought about this, creating the Skoy Cloth with the ability to replace 15 rolls of quality made paper towels, which is quite the accomplishment.

Don’t allow these other companies to fool you, Skoy is the original, the best, and the clear choice when it comes to entrusting a kitchen tool to get the job done over and over again.

Inspired by a life lived on European land, the ingenuity and legacy of the Swedish dishcloth live on most powerfully through the hands of Skoy.

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