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Why You Should Upgrade Your Kitchen Scrubbing Pad Now

Just because a tool has been the same for years, doesn’t mean we can’t improve it. Scrubbing pads for dishes haven’t seen renovation since their inception, and it’s time to change that.

When scouring pads brands were introduced to the world around 100 years ago, they came in at a wonderful time when the world made the switch from cast-iron to aluminum cookware in the kitchen. The issue was solved, yet still needed to evolve to meet pressing needs. Non-stick surfaces could not withstand the harsh scratching of these devices and innovation was needed. Once again, an improvement was made.

Kitchens were never the same because of the ease of which debris could be scrubbed with scouring pads. The world had been changed, one household at a time. Scrubbing pads for dishes had been created.

We’re all familiar with the status quo of kitchen scouring pads, precisely because they haven’t budged from their original idea. While great, one thing was left out of the environment, one huge factor: Earth. To press forward as humans, we have to be conscious and aware of our choices when it comes to what we use in our daily lives. There may be a tendency to overlook important details like this since there are so many more factors to day to day life, but we must pay attention.

Although effective, the waste of fibers, minerals, and synthetics that make up the commonly found pads are never recycled, their remnants end up in the ocean or landfills due to their disposable nature, and that’s it. Up to this point, the scrub has been created in a system that takes, makes, and wastes. This may not seem like much when it comes to the individual, but when you realize there are roughly 7 billion of us and counting, it adds up.

What if there were a different way?

Well, there is. And this is why Skoy created the highly acclaimed Skoy Scrub as a solution to this headache.

Using remnants from the toweling industry, Skoy provides a wondrous upcycled scrub that is perfect for the kitchen. What makes this bite-sized warrior so special is that it’s tougher than its competitors while saving room to care for the environment. Cotton leftover from the ends of spools is commonly thrown away after use in the towel manufacturing process, but some of this excess is captured, blended with a non-toxic hardener, and used to produce your new favorite kitchen utensil.

Before, with commonly known alternatives such as steel wool scourers and green scouring pads, you could spend minutes upon minutes trying to clean matter from within the fibers of your pad after a difficult dish, taking more time away from your family and donating it to the kitchen. The solution to this problem was baked into the equation when a new concept in scouring pads arose. With the Skoy Scrub, simply fold the scrub in half and rub it against itself to clean the in-between debris, and any excess falls off easily and effortlessly, saving you time and avoiding headaches. Skoy Scrub stands as the replacement for these old tools, upgrading the experience and easily becoming your best friend when it’s time to do the dirty work.

Once the dishes are done, throw the Skoy Scrub in the dishwasher on the top rack for cleaning, it’s that easy.

If you’re used to having multiple tools to get one job done, simplify your arsenal and become a minimalist by switching to the Skoy Scrub. The reality is that you may have more than one type of cooking pan or pot in your kitchen. It’s already enough to keep with, let alone a cleaning device well suited for each. If you’re used to cleaning non-stick pans, ceramic, glass, and cooktops alike, Skoy Scrub is the efficient choice each time because of its non-scratch design. Never worry about scuffing your loyal sidekicks ever again.

To create a circular economy, Skoy is participating by incorporating environmentalist principles into the packaging of the scrub, whether its band-wrapped in a paper bag or bound together with recycled cardboard. This is the best eco-friendly dish scrubber you’ll ever meet. While a behemoth in the kitchen, your 5” x 6” pad is thin and can sneak into any nook and cranny you can think of, as it works well on most surfaces. The elevation in design shines through easily.

It’s time to move forward in life and makes things easier for yourself. If you’re used to Brillo pads, traditional green scouring pads, and steel wool pads, try the Skoy Scrub today, and never look back. You’ll be glad that you did.

By Treavor Taylor

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