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Tips on Going Green - For Good

by Danny Knight

image via Pexels

Going green is no longer seen as a thing of the future, but rather is a reality of the present due primarily to climate change. If your business is only just considering how to transition from non-green to green, here are some helpful tips from Skoy Enterprises on precisely how to go about this.

Decide what you want to venture off into

Plenty of opportunities to start a green business, from recycling and repurposing plastic and plastic waste to starting a solar panel business to growing and selling organic food and starting a sustainable fashion company; the list is pretty much endless. All it really entails is reforming the way you currently do business or starting a business model that has the environment's best interests in mind.

Is an eco-friendly business more expensive?

The cost of building an eco-friendly business might be more than you imagined, just because sustainable products may be difficult to source and challenging to produce to the quality that is deemed environmentally friendly. However, there are certain perks to starting a sustainable business that should help offset some of these initial costs. The Environmental Protection Agency is one such example that provides grants to businesses concentrating on building environmentally friendly infrastructure.

Deciding on a business structure

Deciding on a business structure promoting your green pursuits will be invaluable. For example, did you know that starting an S Corp is one of the ways to build credibility in the industry because it is a readily identifiable business structure that speaks for itself? The more you stand to benefit from pass-through taxation, which means you have funds to allocate toward the environmental cause you are advocating for. Limited liability is also an asset if you want there to be a legal separation between personal and business assets. A formation company can assist with setting up your business. Or you can do this yourself - just be wary of the different registration laws that may apply in the various states you're looking at.

Marketing your business accordingly

The way you market your business will directly impact how people perceive your business to be. So if you want to be green-centric, going digital is probably the best way to go. Speaking of, you might want to include a newsletter to tell the public more about your eco-friendly principles. If you’re having trouble with the file size, use this online PDF size reducer so that you can email your newsletter more easily.

Another way to ensure your green business comes out as it should is to include content marketing as part of your grander marketing strategy. When you inform the public about the things they really want to know about, you can then start to build more interest in your brand, which results in better brand loyalty, and even increased sales as a result. You can also use a multi-channel approach, including traditional and digital forms of marketing, to help reinforce your message.

Looking out for inspiring ecopreneurs

There are many inspiring ecopreneurs to look out for if you are serious about impacting the industry. You might also be able to glean some helpful tips and tricks regarding how to run your business more economically.

Starting a green business is sure to be an adventure of note - not just because you will probably run into more challenges than usual. But you'll also be part of the green movement that is taking the world by storm - not by choice, but out of necessity to do better for the earth.

Skoy Enterprises is the home of the Skoy Cloth, an innovative alternative to paper towels, sponges, rags, and dishcloths. Questions? Call 800-990-4757.

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